Kenshiro Abbe: Ju-no-Kata part 1

Kenshiro Abbe: Ju-no-Kata part 1.

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New judging in judo ?

New judging in judo ?

The International Judo Federation is considering a simplification of its judging criteria.To optimize public understanding and make judo more attractive to a larger audience the IJF may remove the terms waza-ari and koka from the international judo lexicon.
The All Japan Judo Federation states “We cannot agree to this if it means the essence of judo will change,” We must first have people understand the principles of judo such as why waza-ari is different from ippon.”
Up till now, four ranks of scoring for throws–ippon, waza-ari, yuko and koka–are used in international matches, but judoka and officials from the European Judo Union and other bodies have expressed dissatisfaction with the current rules, claiming that the “judging concept is abstract.”
Throws are judged on four technical categories including speed and force. An ippon requires an opponent to be thrown on his back with considerable speed and force.
When one element of a throw is missing a waza-ari is awarded, according to the IJF referee rules.
When two are missing, a yuko should be given. A koka is to be awarded “when the contestant with control throws the other contestant onto one shoulder, or the thigh, or buttocks with speed and force,” according to IJF rules.
Discussions on the matter are still taking place within the IJF, but a proposal has been made to remove waza-ari, leaving ippon and yuko, which are easy for referees to distinguish.
“Japan has to be well prepared for an ideological debate and argue its case,” a source connected with the IJF said.

From: www.yomiuri.co.jp

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Judo EC Lissabon 2008 Elmont (NED) - Neto (POR)

Judo European Championship Lissabon 2008.
Guillaume Elmont (NED) - Joao Neto (POR) [-81kg], the final.

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Judo Olympics 1964 Tokyo: opening with Nage-no-Kata Demonstration

Judo Olympics 1964 Tokyo: opening with Nage-no-Kata Demonstration.

All the matches at the olympics 1964 with Anton Geesink (NED), Theodore Boronovskis (AUS), Oleg Stepanov (USSR), Won-Ku Chang (Taiwan), James Steven Bregman (USA), Rodolfo Perez (ARG), Peter Ranken Paige (AUS), Isao Inokuma (JPN),Michel Angel Casella (ARG), Anzor Kiknadza (USSR), Anthony John Sweeney (GBR), Isao Okano (JPN), Akio Kaminaga (JPN) etc. etc can be seen at Judoschool Jan Snijders:

Judo at the Olympics