Judo 2013 World Championships Rio de Janeiro: MEGA GALLERY, 5 New Matches (HD), Total 222 !!!

- Georgii Zantaraia (UKR) - Azamat Mukanov (KAZ) [-66kg] semi-final
- Alexandr Jurecka (CZE) - Tsogtgerel Khutag (MGL) [-90kg]
- Marc Odenthal (GER) - Tatenda Guta (ZIM) [-90kg]
- Casimiro Bento (ANG) - Erkin Doniyorov (UZB) [-90kg]
- Ludovic Gobert (FRA) - Mervin Rodriguez (VEN) [-90kg]

The Complete Gallery at: Judo 2013 World Championships Rio de Janeiro

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